Technical Visit & Tour – Sep. 18 Friday, 2009 Full Day –

7th ANQ Congress 2009 Tokyo offers the tours to visit the Japanese companies which would be a great opportunity to see how Quality Management actually works in Japanese workshops.

The participants would be divided into three groups, and the maximum is 40 persons for each group.
A chartered bus and lunch will be arranged for each group.

We are accepting the registration to the tour at the congress registration page. Please enter the companies you want to visit up to third choice in the registration form.

Note: This tour is arranged to offer the opportunity for the participants from foreign countries. The acceptance of the registration from Participants from Japan for the tour will start if there are remaining seat after the closing date of application from
foreign countries.

18 September 2009 (Full Day)

40 persons per each group.

USD $20

15 August 2009
* The tour registration will be closed before the closing date at the
maximum application.

There are 3 choices to visits.

Group A: Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.Oppama Plant
The tour to the Nissan Motor has been filled up and closed. Thank you for many application.
Features: The first factory which innovate welding robot in automobile industry in 1970.
The world’s leading automated assembly plant.
Production capacity is 430,000 cars per year.

Group B: Sanden Corporation Akagi Plant ( Sanden Forest)
The tour to Sanden Corporation has been filled up and closed. Thank you for many application.
Products: Vending machines, Freezer and refrigerated show-cases,Co2-heatpomp water-heaters, etc.
Features: The latest type of environmental symbiotic plant.
Award: The Asahi Corporate Citizen Award (2008, Akagi Plant)

Group C: Tokyo Electric Power Company, Inc. Futtsu thermal electric power plant
The tour to Tokyo Electric Power Company, Inc. has been filled up and closed. Thank you for many application.
Features: Adopted combined cycle power generation system which has high thermal efficiency.
Total electricity generated is 4,020,000kW.
LNG station with 10 tanks.
1/4 area of the plant ground is planted trees( 400,000 trees used).
Has New energy PR facility “TEPCO New Energy Park”.

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