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About JSQC : How to Join

About the JSQC


The Japanese Society for Quality Control (JSQC) was founded in 1970 with the aim of furthering research into quality-management technologies and of promoting their application. The society currently has approximately 3000 individual and 250 corporate supporting members, mainly in Japan. They consist of quality-management professionals and researchers, and other professionals from various industries who have an interest in improving quality.

Our Vision

Nowadays, both social and industrial structures are undergoing great changes. The Japanese Society for Quality Control must respond to these expectations and demands. The JSQC should also provide instruction and benefits to its members, to the companies and groups within which the members work, and do other societies in which the members participate. In this way, the JSQC realizes its purpose "the development of theories and technologies that are intended to contribute to the advancement of the science and industry".
Our society adapts to the great changes in both social and enterprise environments, and contributes to the promotion of the research projects on new quality-management technologies and philosophies, staring at the revolutionary changes as corporate approaches shift from TQC to TQM. The society broadly disseminates its results in the world of industry. JSQC also provides a point of mediation between industry and academia.

The society's activity policy consists of the following points:

Hold conferences, and support the research and development
Support joint promotions that involve both academia and industry
Actively develop a variety of events, including symposia and field trips
Strengthen relations with and among related societies, both domestic and foreign
Make progress in terms of public relations


The JSQC supports research projects to do with quality management and the exchange of relevant knowledge and information among its members.

JSQC holds general academic conferences twice a year, in Spring and Autumn. Two chapters of the society, Chubu and Kansai Chapters, also organize regional conferences. The society frequently holds symposia covering a wide range of topics and also runs field trips to sites that are excellent in terms of quality management. The individual chapters also organize occasional field trips to exemplary sites, factories, and companies.
All of these activities are intended to

  • Hold conferences to exchange knowledge among academia and industry
  • Provide opportunities for the dissemination of knowledge, such as symposia on current themes
  • Advance quality- management theory and technology and thus contribute to the development of academia and industry
  • Support research and development
  • Manage activity by disseminating academic research to industry in the light of the evolutionary change from TQC to TQM.

Periodical Publications

The society publishes a quarterly academic journal, the Journal of the Japanese Society for Quality Control. Each issue contains well-developed articles on the theories, philosophies and applications of quality management, as well as features on current topics in quality management and related fields. The society also publishes newsletters to promote exchange among its members.

Join the JSQC

The firm position that products, which are made in Japan, hold in world markets is built on their high level of quality. The effort in the background to quality improvement and quality anagement by the cooperation of academia and industry is highly evaluated from both the inside and outside of Japan. This society was founded in 1970 with the aim of furthering the development of both the theory and application of quality control. The society has confirmed to develop strongly ince then, and now has about 3000 individual members and 250 corporate supporting members. People from various occupational categories in industry, as well as those involved in quality assurance and quality management, including business, development, design, sales, and research aspects, makes up the majoring of our members. Places for the publication of research and chances to exchange knowledge are provided by our official quarterly journal and the various events we hold. We recommend that you join our society.

E-mai: office@jsqc.org
URL :www.jsqc.org
Phone :+81-3-5378-1506
FAX :+81-3-5378-1507

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