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2009/09/11  New "Cancellation Policy" IMPORTANT
2009/08/28  Updated "Conference Committee"
2009/08/28  Updated "Program Committee"
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Welcome Message from the Chairperson ANQ:

7th ANQ Congress at Tokyo from September 15 to 18, 2009
provides a unique opportunity for quality professionals from all
over Asia to share their experiences and learn from each other
in the field of quality management through research and its
application. Diversity of experiences from various regions of
Asia with rich culture could provide a proper blend as defined
in the ANQ Way and contribute to the prosperity for the people
in the whole of Asia as stated in the Congress theme.

The current Global economic crisis provides an opportunity for ANQ to show the way for revival through Quality Management. The ANQ Congress offers rich experience at a low cost in tune with the ANQ philosophy of Austere and Simple Living

We from ANQ invite and welcome quality professionals from all over Asia to join our endeavor in working together to find an appropriate way towards the common Goal for the benefit of all.

Janak Mehta
Chairperson, ANQ

Welcoming Message from the Congress Chairman

We, JSQC, would like to welcome you all who are attending the 7th ANQ Congress in Tokyo from September 15th to 18th, 2009.
We are honored to host this congress and are doing our utmost for the success of this coming congress.
“Prosperity through Quality-The ANQ Way” is the theme of this congress. We are convinced that the great efforts of all concerned, who work continuously on research and development related to quality in each Asian country, are the source of Asian prosperity.
We truly hope that fruitful discussions and useful intercommunication in this congress will lead into vibrant growth of Asia.
In order for that, we seek attendance of as many of you as possible. We are excited to see you in Tokyo in 2009.

Kunihiko Ohnuma, Congress Chairman
7th ANQ Congress (Tokyo), 2009